Erskine Childers

It is definitely frightening for all of you who are now reading a biography of a British novelist who got executed almost a century ago. I have fought in the Boer War and served in the Royal Naval Air Service during World War 1. (Wikipedia) You’ll think that I’m loyal to the empire, I was, indeed. Nevertheless, the savage injustice of Boer War ravaged me and changed the whole current of my life and transformed me into a Liberal and a Nationalist. Thus I am determined to lay down the sword and pick up the pen to write books both in fiction and nonfiction of the ugliness of military history to inform people the merciless truth. Later on I was such a contradicting individual that I couldn’t abandon my country to the aggravating Germans in the First World War, thus I enlisted in Royal Navy; however I supplied German guns to Irish nationalists with my own yacht. I moved to Dublin not long after the British crackdown on the Easter Rising, I completed my radicalization and turned my eloquence against the British. Unfortunately, I was swept into the tragedy of the Irish War of Independence and followed civil war as well but I didn’t care about my own benediction and again set my life in danger to back the IRA nationalists who fought the Irish Free State. Ironically, I was shot by the Irish Free State for carrying a gun that Michael Collins had gifted me. After the death of mine, emergency laws promulgated the death sentence for anyone caught armed without authorization. I knew perfectly well that the internecine conflict would have to end; therefore I summoned my 16 year old son to prison to not only continue my will but also that he would find everyone who signed my death warrant and shake their hands. I am exceedingly proud of my son, Erskine Hamilton Childers, who became President of Ireland. (

For my whole life, I lived with the purpose to draw attention to the menace of a not yet known enemy.

I’m sure you’re totally crept out by now…

My Thoughts: I personally find Erskine Childers very contradicting. Childers loathed the brutality of war that he experienced in Boer War, yet he joined Royal Navy to fight the First World War. Similarly, he helped Irish to fight against the British imperial power and yet again turn his side to the Britain. I guess Childer’s contradicting decisions were due to the fact that he was half British and half Irish. However I admire Childers’ persistence in the liberation of Ireland and oppose in the savage of war.

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